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V.I. Seeking Solutions in Solidarity with Ferguson


Saving Our Sons, Healing Ourselves: Reflecting on Michael Brown. Photo by Jalani Horton

Daily News Story on the Gathering

Virgin Islands Daily News Story on the Gathering in Case you Missed it…

On a day like today all I care to do is write
The sound of my own voice instigates a useless internal fight
Why does it surprise us when we know where we are
We should’ve already had a plan before the distraction got this far

Now we’re falling right into the senseless master plan
They don’t have to see your cards if you’re always showing them your hand
Is it really that impossible to think outside the box?
The strategy should be easier to see, we’re the ones that made the locks

But just because we did it’s the end of the discussion
We also make the keys so why we accepting this concussion
Wake up my people, it’s not time to act off of emotion
Let’s use this as a reminder, to ourselves we need devotion

It’s not that I don’t care or don’t see the reason to speak out
Sometimes when the noise is so loud, I’d just rather listen than shout

I’ve learned through our confusion; in the silence comes the solution

Get to the core, constant contact now needed even more
ReBuild. We are the resounding resolution


Giving ThAnkhs for siStarQueens like Dena & Jahweh for bringing the V.I. solidarity gathering to life for the sake of our listening, learning, healing and re-building.

Saving Our Sons, Healing Ourselves | Their Lives Matter; Our Lives Count! Headed down to Brewer’s Beach #Solidarity #BrownFriday#blackfridayblackout #BlackLivesMatter #FergusonDecision #KWANZAA365Sankofa Saturdays Unsung Sheroes VI

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No! Too Much!! | Tribute to Big Brother #LasanaMack

SCREAMING for attention
you walk silently with face still
Emotionless, though we know the pain, joy, pride, power, progressiveness
You felt within
Our reigning King
Who sat in the background so that we might rise…
Up, Up, ye mighty race
…and accomplish it we will

NO! Too Much!!

A Nu line is now added to your song… Ancestors live
Written with your name in it
We sing proudly and loudly that you LIVE ON!
…and on and on until the break of dawn
Still knowing, that we are often nothing but pawns
in this black & white board of strife
Livin in the bellie of the belly
You sacrificed your essence to learn from the methods of madness
and bring us cents out of none sense
a Tru Robin Hood
Cloaked in Blackness
all you’s missing was the skittles n iced tea
but you left us to taste the rainbow
…and find within, that pot of gold

NOooooooo! Tooooo Much!!!!!

Colors so loud…
You were scrEEEEEEEEAMing!
Though you kept yourself invisible
We saw the Red rage
Heard the Black busy-ness
Felt the Green gratitude


Humility uncalled for
You maintained a tiresome balance
For us
You’ve left us the blueprint
To keep playing the BlackNotes
and now it’s time to step it up and APPEAL to the masses
those who ready to get off their asses

Let it begin with me
Surrounded in a sea of white
Keys rising above it all to show us what’s right
2 then 3 then 2 again… Groups of five fisted loosely laying still
We wisely pause to let them think they lay the foundation
all the while, we KNOW TOO MUCH
to stay quiet

You knew who was ready and who you had to let go
You knew it was time, and so you made it so
You knew when to shine and when to lay it low

You still…..
to be laid to rest
jus so

without teaching us something
Showing us, everything…

Maybe, you just
Knew Too Much.?


Interrupted Violenes (Violins)

A graceful song sways by
with the wind at her tail
Timid thoughtfulness masked by
effortless radiance as the words flow like cane juice caressed by molasses

Violenes sung in the ears of so many
Trans-like tunes of a heartfelt temperament
A knowing smile, occasionally interrupted
By a slightly wrinkled brow

Not long before the resounding of her intent
Paints the walls of yellow possibilities
Brightening days with her warm sunshine smiles
And nights with her sweet yet sultry evening eyes

To miss her truly is a comforting fairy tale never read out loud
Forgotten thoughts of times never had
Dances never requested
And arms not embraced

Interrupted Violenes keep restarting their sound journey in my mind
My heart remembers words and feelings shared in silence
As the all knowing, yet seldom spoken disappointments stain my soul
Reminding me to make my true intention known…


For tomorrows are plans, goals, intentions, dreams and desires for after right now… just as yesterdays are/were those things that we’ve already accomplished, or not (yet). All still perpetual motion; the continuation of our doing. period.

© DaraMonifah

Thank you Junie, for the lessons. I now understand and innerstand your purpose in my life. I know you are at peace. I know you were tired. All will be taken cared of. It already is. Ase’ Rest well, until again.

The Constant Scissors that Cuts the Night

6 more bullets
in our atmosphere
at the strike of 5 a.m.
wondering did anyone else hear

Each one, like a lash through the night
on the backs of slaves
might one, two or three
lead another to their graves

for every bullet counted
like an automatic mechanism
of an old warehouse that is haunted

genocidal realities
like a slap in your face
waking us up every morning
as if we need to be reminded in this place

that this paradise of ours
is nothing more than their playground
it is the land that was/is bought, sold and cherished
as we sing, swing, climb, fly, fall, run and play around

may the wisdom of the ages capture us
and might acid rains wash away our lack of insight
as we open up our eyes
to the constant scissors that cuts the night

© DaraMonifah…

Just sick and tired of hearing gunshots this early in the morning. WAKE UP my PEOPLE! WAKE UP!!!
(I didn’t even reread this one so please excuse any typos until I come back to it)
shall another 9 Let's give them something so they don't have to look for anything!

be constructed?

Unconditionally yours

If you do no more than touch me
do it from the depth of you

If you do no more than hold me
embrace me like I’m priceless

if you do nothing more than look at me
see me for my innermost beauty, pain, fears, love

if you do nothing
just love me
from a distance

but do it so that I know
how you truly adore me
how you know I cherish you, and us
and appreciate you as you are
even with all the unknown complexities that you hold dear
to yourself
know that I am truth

and that if nothing else
I love you
for trying


Need to write my own song

I woke up hearing a song in my head
“Don’t go chasing waterfalls
Just stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re use to…”

A similar pain as I had the morning right before
but this time, the tears were trying to follow close behind

Why do we set our selves up for disappointment
and take it even further and put ourselves out to be hung?

I feel like I opened up my vest,
exposed my chest
and was shot in the back of my head

I feel like I wore my heart on my sleeve
and you walked around to my other shoulder
pretended it wasn’t there
and never looked me in the eye

are my tears even worth shedding for this?
or should I just go back and continue focusing on
my rivers…

lakes stand waiting for me
staying available whenever I need to use them

and rivers just run through me

but at least they’re not like the rain from your blue skies
showering all around me as if I’m not even there

every now and then allowing me a little sunlight
rays warming me like the golden warmth of comfort and promise
rising in the morning after a storm

only to last occasionally
before it again
begins to rain

“I wanna go outside….
in the rain.”
your rain
“…cause I…”
“it’s so crazy, it’s so crazy.”

your music drowns out my own existence sometimes
i need to write
my own song