The Story Behind Moods and Colors

Looking forward to INjoying Andie’s Nu Musik this Kwanzaa Eve! The literal prelude already has me anticipating yet another masterpiece of sound(s).

Thoughts of Reginald Cyntje

I remember watching my first sunset and being amazed at the colors in the sky. Growing up, the vibrancy of life excited me. The Rastafarian colors, the carnival colors and the shades of skin tones painted a story. The message was far deeper than words could express. The colors around me captured emotions.

The year 2015 has been filled with great professional accomplishments but reeked of pain due to the suffering of people who look like me. Color in many countries can mean the difference between life and death. Colorism within my community can have a negative impact on the soul.

In October, I decided to capture my personal feelings about color and challenge some deeply rooted beliefs in society. As I sat there and began composing music, different thoughts came to mind. I thought about how listeners created their own meanings for my previous compositions. The mood of the…

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