Empress PJ Crosby: Transforming VI Youth through Expressive Arts

Empress PJ Crosby, poet, playwright, director, is transforming Virgin Islands youth, through the arts at Pistarckle Theatre each summer on St. Thomas. Born in London, England and raised in Long Island, NY Empress PJ Crosby has been working with the youth since she was a youth and is an active outreach teacher of spoken word and poetry.

Over the years, Empress PJ has repeatedly travelled with her programs to St. Thomas where she teaches children during the summers at the Pistackle Theatre. Since 2012, she has returned annually to teach her leadership program. Funded by a grant from the V.I. Department of Labor, “Stopping Crime Starts at the Roots!!” her youth playwright camp is now in its fourth year.

PJ has also taught at Kidscope Inc., which serves child victims of abuse, neglect and sexual molestation on St. Thomas. She says that what strongly influenced her interest and drive for working with youth was active involvement with organizations such as the Student Government, Campus Women’s Collective and the Honor Society during her college years.

Empress PJ Crosby Performing at The Rock Lounge

Empress PJ Crosby Performing Freestyle Poetry and Advertising her Youth Leadership program, at The Rock Lounge on August 14, 2015

Released on January 22, 2011, A Journey With Empress PJ is her debut solo CD. As an active freestyler, writer, poet, public speaker and mentor, while on island, she also continues to use her talents while performing at The Rock Collective’s The Rock Lounge or mentoring youth in the Virgin Islands and abroad.

Photos by DaraMonifah Cooper and from Empress PJ

Photos by DaraMonifah Cooper and from Empress PJ

For more information on Empress PJ, visit her artist page or email her at romanticpj@hotmail.com. To learn more about the program watch this video and read this article.

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