Jazz Lovers Living the Sweet Life Sundays at Fat Turtle Restaurant

Jerry Harris of Sweetlife Jazz Band sings for a Sunday afternoon crowd at Fat Turtle

Locals mellowed out as Jerry Harris of Sweetlife Jazz Band sings for a Sunday afternoon crowd at Fat Turtle Restaurant

About sixty–five persons relaxed to the smooth sounds of local jazz by the sea at the Fat Turtle Restaurant, Sunday afternoon, during one of the multiple open air free music events on the island of St. Thomas. Located in Yacht Haven GrandeFat Turtle now features the “Sweetlife Jazz Band” from 5:00 – 8:00 pm on Sundays for “Jazz by the Sea” as part of something new and different for local or visiting jazz lovers.

At around 3:30 pm, Hughley Prince, the band’s drummer arrived and began setting up. “We’ll be here every week and start at 5:00 pm,” he stated. “We used to play from four to seven, but then realized that the crowd arrives later,” he added. Encouraging people to stay and listen, he shared a little more about the band who one by one starting arriving.

Soon afterward, you could hear the keys on the piano played by Louis Taylor, a retired school music teacher and well-known local jazz master. Next, bass player Rhett Simmonds strolled in followed by the band’s lead singer Jerry Harris, also known for his performances around the island.

Performing classics like Lean on Me; Loving You; S’Wonderful; and other crowd favorites, it did not take long before they had thae crowd singing and swinging along. Even though the four have been playing there on Sundays since right after Easter, people are still only just finding out. Ayesha Morris, who was in the area and just passed by to have a drink, shared her thoughts.

“A friend texted me that it happens every Sunday, but tonight was my first time experiencing it first hand,” she said. “The music was light and soothing,” she continued.

Located just a five minute walk away from Havensight Mall and cruise ship dock, all throughout the year there are yachts docked right over the restaurant’s side which also overlooks the Charlotte Amalie harbour. Near an open seating area that joins other neighboring restaurants in the duty free retail village, Fat Turtle is a popular favorite among travellers and locals alike featuring seafood, salads, gourmet pizzas, and exotic frozen drinks.

For more information on the Sweetlife Jazz Band, go down and check them out on Sunday afternoons at the Fat Turtle in Yacht Haven Grande.

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