Local Musician Reginald Cyntje shares Spiritual Awakenings through Artivism in the Virgin Islands and Abroad

Reginald Cyntje, a musician and educator from the Virgin Islands, uses artivism to help support those who he interacts with, listens to his music or reads his blogs. As a multi-media and nu media journalist in training, I too choose to use artivism and social media to share the pride we have in home here in the United Virgin Islands.

Historically from a background where the griot tells the story, which then becomes the history and fabric of a place, many artists use their genres to continue in the tradition simply out of the pure love for doing so.

Trombonist, educator and activist, Reginald Cyntje, shares his angle of being a Virgin Islander and what experiences helped him become who he is and continue feeling the pride in his cultural heritage and love of music, children and Virgin Islands history and culture that moves him to share his story with the world through his music.

Sharing experiences he’s had with people who’ve come to love the VI that weren’t initially from here, he often travels to the Virgin Islands, sometimes bringing along with him other musicians who are amazed by the natural beauty of the environment and everyday warmth of Virgin Islands people.

He tries to return home often and meets with young music students, giving them hours of lessons in his parents’ home. He feels that his mentoring of the youth helps them become better prepared for their potential futures as professionals in music and or in school.

Through an initiative that he initiated called the V. I. Movement for Change, Reginald has used visits to schools and his writings to find ways of impressing upon students and other people that they can use their skills and strengths to uplift the community at whatever level that they are at.

Taking his cues from successes in history and the wisdom of elders, his latest album entitled, Spiritual Awakening, shares some of the steps in the process of tackling problems. Wherever he resides, he encourages communities to use collective work and responsibility and cooperative economics to help solve their challenges.

Healing… educating… local musician Reginald Cyntje hopes to continually share with others a little of what the Virgin Islands essence perpetuates. A spiritual awakening unlike any other, he uses music, education, outreach and artivism to promote and welcome you to his home.

Author’s Note: When I was contacted by a fellow Virgin Islander about being one of the main local faces or supports for Pay it Forward USVI, my main concern was how much I would be overwhelmed with putting into it. Random acts of kindness are so regular in my experience that to now be responsible for documenting and sharing when they happen, immediately felt like a full time job. Similarly, when Reginald contacted my about being part of the V.I. Movement for Change, I had to explain my concerns of into being able to be a dependable contributor. As he reminded me, in reality, so many of us already naturally do these things daily without thinking twice about who we’ve helped or what we sacrifice. There can never be too much of us doing it and we continue to encourage by any means possible the random acts of kindness that continues to spread what Virgin Islanders and together our Virgin Islands are naturally about.

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