The Sankofa and the Phoenix

And so it begins… the merging of the Sankofa and the Phoenix. Not new, just reborn. Axe’

Blessed Are The Vagrant

by Kaitlyn

Untold LogoOne of the most common questions we’ve received since unveiling Untold International is about the significance of our logo. I’m pretty proud of it, and I’m not sorry to say that there is quite a bit of meaning behind it. Brady designed it himself, and the image you see is the first image he sketched out–but a lot of thought went into it.

The logo combines the Ghanaian adinkra symbol of the sankofa bird with the phoenix of Greek mythology, fusing the two together in an alliance of growth and rebirth. 

tumblr_ls4sv5pDSQ1qj86lgo1_500 The two adinkra symbols for “Sankofa”

Adinkra symbols are visual representations of aphorisms, proverbs, or traditional wisdom, encapsulated in these easily recognizable icons. They were created by the Akan of West Africa (before it was known as West Africa) to “[support] the transmission of a complex and nuanced body of practice and belief” in a pre-literate, oral…

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