Sankofa’s Flight: Rising the Phoenix

A merged image of the sankofa symbol and the rising phoenix.

A merged image of the sankofa symbol and the rising phoenix.

For flight
Preparing us
As pain, time, and growth pass us by

Phoenix Crouching…
there is only the sky
There is only the wind…

one with the dust
to the point of being
breaking me down

yet so comforting,
so discomforting

This burning
While seemingly separating us
keepin’ us constantly connected…

churning around and within
I feel the ocean

…fermented impurities
open from sweatin’
through my pores

I smell the earth
as I kneel, before rising
after I roll over

once my eyes have opened
sun light peeking in through my window
it is morning

we are mourning
the old we
as the new us
welcomes a new day

still feverish
only holy water will quench
this thirst that our bodies have longed for
ashes still falling from our wings

down still heavy with old habits
found under the tougher exterior
let us make pens of our feathers
so that we may write from our heat

of our pain and comforts
purple ink staining our lips and finger tips
as the conch shell is blown

Bird of royalty
remember from whence you came
as you rise above
all that those lower than yourself
don’t have the height to see

rise above the morose mentality
they don’t have the wisdom to let die

rise above
those who fear of your rising

and pull them up
so that we may all

those of us desiring
finally be set free

to fly

like a sankofa bird
in the sky

rising Majestikly
as we were meant to do

remember to keep moving forward
as you never forget to check back
on who and what was before you

BEcome the example you WISH you had

© DaraMonifah 02/28/2015

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