VI Kwanzaa Season’s Community Organizational, Management and Communications Efforts

KWANZAA365’s HabariGaniVI January 2015 Newsletter | Letter from the Editor

KWANZAA Banner at Fort Christian 2012Kwanzaa in the United Virgin Islands is celebrated like no where else and was another productive year, uniting, organizing and building for 2015.

Locally-created organizations, KWANZAA365 and Sankofa Saturdays used their multi-media skills to continue assisting with educating, promoting, organizing and documenting the various activities.

First, the VI Kwanzaa Schedule, focused on providing an accessible list of Kwanzaa gatherings, activities and/or education was compiled and shared with local, national and international media sources and organizations. As a result, more people were able to learn, share and attend Kwanzaa events within the Virgin Islands.


KWANZAA365 also created and shared audio sound bites on Kwanzaa principles and celebrations with various radio stations which reached even more people who were able to learn about Kwanzaa, the various organizations that come together for annual activities as well as be informed about where the local events would take place.

An Ujamaa & Ujima (Cooperative Economics and Collective Work & Responsibility) meeting was held at the Natural Livity Kulcha Shop Lounge with grassroots organizations and business owner, hosted by KWANZAA365 and Sankofa Saturdays. Strategic planning was done collaboratively and an action plan put into place that will assist local grassroots organizations and businesses.

The Sankofa Saturdays youth documented the various events using photo, audio and videography and assisted with putting together a report of the Kwanzaa Season, which was then shared on heir weekly youth radio program on WUVI AM 1090 so that those who were unable to attend, were able to experience some of the events via photo, video and audio documentation.

IMG_8961Publicly speaking at all of the Kwanzaa events, sharing Kwanzaa education, contact information and inviting volunteers to assist with the Sankofa Saturdays Youth Cultural Education Initiative, the organizations are proud to end another official Kwanzaa season having educated, informed and obtained contact information list of volunteers for Sankofa Saturdays.

Some of the intended next steps or products include an annual calendar of cultural Sankofa Saturdays events in the VI, a directory of supportive grassroots individuals, organizations and businesses, a Saturday school as well as the organization of a collaborative grassroots media and communications network.

KWANZAA365For more information or to view pictures, videos and listen to audio recordings, visit and and their corresponding social media accounts:
Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

Sankofa Saturdays
 | Instagram | Twitter |Youtube | SoundCloud

VI Kwanzaa 2014-15 Review: Events, Activities and Outreach Sharing memories for those who attended and teasers for those who missed out!

Pre-Kwanzaa Activities and Media Outreach Saturday, Dec 20th from 4-6 pm the Kwanzaa schedule, education and music was shared on the Sankofa Saturdays/KWANZAA365 Weekly Youth Radio Show (WUVI AM 1090)

Saturday, Dec 20th from 9-11pm the Kwanzaa schedule and education was shared during an interview by host Afreekan Southwell on Strength to Strength (WSTA Radio 1340 AM)

Monday, Dec 22nd from 11 am – 1pm there was a Kwanzaa Presentation at Bertha C. Bochulte Jr. High School library hosted by Ms. Annice Canton.

Wednesday, Dec 24, 2014 12-1pm the Kwanzaa schedule and education was shared during an interview on Out to Lunch Radio Program with host Tommy Boatwright on AM 1000

Thursday, Dec 25, 2014 “Kwanzaa Eve” From sunset until, though the hanging of the annual Kwanzaa banner at Fort Christian was postponed due to the location being blocked by political inauguration preparation trailer at the Emancipation Garden, the screening of The Black Candle – A Kwanzaa story, was held at the Natural Livity Kulcha Shop Lounge. Pay it Forward bracelets were given to those who attended and the Kwanzaa Zawadi Exchange was initiated thus participants made commitments to do for others during the week of Kwanzaa as random acts of kindness KWANZAA WEEK Wrap Up

Friday, Dec 26 – Umoja (UNITY) – 7 p.m., Wesley Methodist Church in Tutu. African Diaspora Youth Development Foundation presented their annual Kwanzaa Program with music by Echo People, Guest Speakers, African Marketplace, healthy vegan food and other Kwanzaa activities.

Saturday, Dec 27 – Kujichagulia (SELF-DETERMINATION) – 4 – 6 p.m. on WUVI AM 1090, the University of the Virgin Islands Student Radio Station, the VI Kwanzaa Schedule, Education and Music were shared on, presented by KWANZAA365 and Sankofa Saturdays Youth Cultural Education Initiative’s weekly youth radio program. – 6:30 p.m. at Arian’s Restaurant, the Pan-Afrikan Support Group, Environmental Rangers and Sankofa Saturdays presented their annual Kwanzaa Gathering and Educational Program.

Sunday, Dec 28 – Ujima (COLLECTIVE WORK & RESPONSIBILITY) – 10 a.m.; We Grow Food held their Farmer’s Market at the Bordeaux Farmers & Agricultural Grounds. A Kwanzaa program was held at 2 p.m. highlighting the principle of Ujima with poetry, youth activities, music and other cultural education. Produce, arts, crafts, wholesome meals and refreshments were available in the African Marketplace. -4:30 p.m.; The annual Kwanzaa Run & Walk took place starting and finishing on the UVI soccer/baseball field. Some ran 7 km (4.3 miles) on the road to/from the Airport or walked/ran a two mile course. They offered STAR Kwanzaa Run caps to the registrants and presented ribbons and trophies to all winners and participants.

Monday, Dec 29 – Ujamaa (COOPERATIVE ECONOMICS) Jahleejah Love Peace, owner of the Natural Livity Kulcha Shop & Jucie Bar, was presented with the Ankh Award for Creativity by the African Diaspora Youth Development Foundation for maintaining and building her business for the past five years. Collaborative initiatives resumed between the Caribbean Historical Tours and KWANZAA365/Sankofa Saturdays.

Tuesday, Dec 30 – Nia (PURPOSE) Sessions were planned to host Conscious Co-Creators self-healing workshops at the Natural Livity Lounge hosted by facilitator Deborah Smith. Actual meeting dates varied throughout January and continue through March.

Wednesday, Dec 31 – Kuumba (CREATIVITY) – Sunrise/Sunset; The Blake Family hosted sunrise and sunset Hatha Yoga at Brewers Beach with a Kwanzaa principle gathering and discussion on the principle of Kuumba.

Thursday, Jan 1, 2015 – Imani (FAITH) – Midday/Early Afternoon; United Communities Kwanzaa Potluck was held at Brewers Beach. Natural vegetarian dishes and seasonal fruits were shared. Participants purchased and shared cultural or literary gifts for the Kwanzaa Zawadi Exchange.

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