Royalty Recognized at Home: Crucian Community Selects New Miss St. Croix Carnival Ambassadorial Queen


“Born, bred and fungi-fed,” from designing and wearing her own dresses to writing and singing her own song, the new Miss St. Croix  Carnival Ambassadorial Queen, AnuMaat Davis-Kahina re-introduced herself to her community and was selected to represent them as their new Miss St. Croix on Sunday, December 21, 2014 at the Island Center for the Performing Arts on St. Croix, Virgin Islands.

With the theme of, “creating cultural memories through an international dream,” contestants showcased their intellect and beauty as they shared their various talents ranging from singing/spoken word, steel pan playing an Asian sword fighting as well as African drumming and dancing.

All of the platforms were presented with passion and purpose ranging from autism awareness to embracing healthy living.  AnuMaat’s platform was actually a sample of the non-profit which she created some years ago, LIVEUP.

LIVEUP, an acronym for “Living Inspired as Virtuous Edified and United Princesses (and Princes),” is the youth health education, inspiration & life skills component of NUWOMANRising that is the inspirational creation of Princess Anumaat Davis Kahina, Peer Facilitator and Counselor of Per Ankh Khamniversity Institute.

As mentioned in her introduction speech, through LIVEUP, AnuMaat has already far surpassed needed community service hours by the thousands. Then came the swimwear, platform speech, cultural wear, international costume performance, evening wear, question and answer.

For AnuMaat, answering the question was a great blessing for her as it spoke to topics that are current in the community today. She didn’t have to think long in order to respond as this work she does at various schools and with a number of organizations helped her to be impromptu with giving the presentation that blew the competition wide open for her.

More to come…

Sometimes all you have to do is be yourself… eventually, everyone else will catch on

Self-Determination Prevails: A New Balance Reigns Over St. Croix

Poised with an innate passion for serving her family and her people, newly crowned Queen AnuMaat Davis-Kahina prepares to share her life journey with the world through yet another platform. Affectionately known as Maat to family and friends, Maat is already a public speaker, talented songstress, dancer, clothing designer, educator and peer leader. Now she can add the title of Ambassadorial Carnival Queen to her list of accomplishments.

As we continue to pour libation on this year’s Kwanzaa season, it fuels me to see a community overwhelmed with a culture I know to be home, even if it is transplanted into the Caribbean, which in some cases has embellished our history even more. Whether the Virgin Islands knows it or not, we’ve been graced with the presence of re-born royalty, not just a new Carnival Queen. The leadership, balance, truth and order that Maat brings will be impossible to ignore as she proudly lives out her purpose, spreading the livity of Kemet (Egypt) and the Caribbean in all she does.

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