Learning: A Two-Way Street

Birthing activists through inspiring critical thinking… makes sense to me!

Thoughts of Reginald Cyntje

I listened and learned about their views on music and life.

“Professor Cyntje, what are your thoughts on this situation?” I replied, “tell me what you think.”

At first, I was greeted with a puzzled look. So I explained that I feel teachers should foster critical thinking. In a classroom setting, I don’t think students should memorize and regurgitate the “right” answers but truly understand the text and analyze the information. Too often there is someone in front the room lecturing on their thoughts as the students sit and listen (check out) while taking notes.

Like music, learning is a part of communication. Listening and sharing is a two-way street that leads to discovery.

I turned to another student. “Do you agree with the information? Is the author biased?” The student stated their opinion and communication blossomed.

Through discussion each student learned about each other, music and life. The lessons…

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