Sankofa… while Waiting for our Suns to Rise

Waiting for the sun to rise

Driving through the darkness

I’ve opened my eyes

Body, mind sick of slumber

time to remind the skies

of his responsibility

in this cycle of life

Without the sun shining bright

you can’t see our moonlight

The clouds would weigh us down

and never blow away

mixing with the chem trails

that they’ll stop spraying some day

Summer days daily

in the United Virgin Isles

Constant reminder of our struggle-smiles

Dena said Superman ain’t on his way

even if he was do we just wait until that day?

Taking a peek over my shoulder I see your orange glow

just in case you needed the motivation

Brothas, know we love you so

Time to Sankofa while we keep flying straight

Fetch your identity, before it’s too late

Looking back over my shoulder I see your orange glow

Saving Our Sons, Healing Ourselves

Jahleejah, Dena, Jahweh, Tanama, Tmeed El, Ambassador, Peacemaker & AkingTafari Seh So


Akin Sankofa

Listen to Sankofa by Brotha Akingtafari and Sista Tanama at last night’s CommUnity gathering at theNatural Livity Lounge.

This is just the very quick AM-Radio throw together that aired this morning… A cleaner edit later… maybe. Check Brother Jalani of Bambu Station & Griotlife Studio for the real deal… when it’s time

Find the audio recording here: Sankofa by AkingTafari & Tanama LIVE at the Natural Livity Lounge

In a time when we see repeated accounts of our African males being subjected to repeated psychological, physical, spiritual, emotional abuse seemingly increasing on exponential levels, we must pause and Sankofa.

Strengthening ourselves from the wisdom of our elders, we can create support, healing and solutions if we choose. The Akoben has resounded and those who hear the call may choose to listen or remain blinded by the distractions that flood our senses.

natlivityflyerThough we meet, in solidarity, talk, think, consider and congregate, we must step it up to another level if we’re really going to make an impact on saving our sons and healing ourselves, as quoted from Dena Fisher, one of the core organizers of the local initiative in support and solidarity of the current events in Ferguson. As she sung at the Natural Livity Lounge, we can’t keep waiting on Superman while blood runs red in the streets, on our screens, in our ears and through our contaminated food… while we breathe the air streaked with biochemical warfare.

Chlorophylling our spirits with love, light and focus, it is time to strategize. It’s time to put the pen to paper and organize the community that shows up. For the community that shows up is the village that grows up.

Brothas, we love you, we need you… remember who you are so that we can be who we know ourselves to be. We see you, even in the depression, the confusion, through the deception, that we put ourselves through selflessly, cutting our wounds, to save your smiles.

You are all we have to help us re-raise the kings and queens we birth and help them rise back to their thrones and lead us forward to the promise lands.

The fighting, the anger, the distrust, has it’s place, but we must redirect it appropriately.

It’s all already written, everything we need we already have in our grasps, but it’s for us to open our hands and open our hearts, lightening our spirits so that we can fly.

natlivity2We’re still here waiting for the sons of Most High to Rise. Until you do, we’ll keep going back to help us all come forward.

Join us in the journey, with your whole selves.




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