“The Perfect Vacation” – 10 Minute – Creative Writing Technique

Ahhh… listen to that. Hear it? Neither do I. That’s the sound of the man working on the train… somewhere else.

Lindberg Bay Sunset by DaraMonifah

Lindberg Bay Sunset by DaraMonifah

Ocean water at my feet. Fresh tropical fruit at my disposal. Soothing music and the smell of lemongrass and peppermint as I sink into the fluffy soft clouds surrounding me melting slowly. Timeless whispers of my mind slowly being tuned out by nothingness.

Infinite relaxation.

Who ever would think I could have this at any moment just out of the blue? Blues surrounding me from head to toe. Caribbean skies encircling my every turn. I shift to allow the sun it’s time at my side.

Welcoming the warmth like the tender caress of my Mr. Right, my (local) avocado face mask cracks and I realize (recognize) the shift.

Something wonderful comes over me that I wasn’t to share. Not just with myself, my neighbor, my community, but with the world.

I realize within that it’s already happening. This wonderful shareable thing. I hear birds in the distance singing my song, “cuz I’m happy!”

I’m smiling. There it is.

Look at that. See it? I see it too.

Right on you.


An exercise prompted by John Williams during a Skillpath Seminar on

How to Write #‎Effective #‎Policies & #‎Procedures The Windward Passage Hotel


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