Through Our Own Eyes: Iridology Seen as Major Highlight of International Healing Symposium by Attendees

Virgin Islanders and attending participants learned and experienced practical holistic health methods, received hands on diagnosis and treatment from natural healers on Sunday, September 21, 2014 at the Bordeaux Farmers Market on St. Thomas, VI. The Indigenous Healers’ Collective Inc. hosted the third annual Indigenous Healing Symposium entitled “Implementing Ancient Healing Wisdom,” in order to help the community learn about the natural methods of healing and maintaining health that we all can do for ourselves.

RAs Speedy

Ras Speedy-I presents and gives a demonstration on chlorophyll.

Tweet: Ras Speedy-I teaching the audience the ingredients and how to make at the 3rd Annual…

Lukata Shango

Lukata Samuel gets his Iridology assessment from Dr. Odada Shango

In addition to herbalists and massage therapists, a major highlight was the presentation of Iridologist Dr. Odada Shango who spent much of the day performing live one-on-one consultations both during as well as the day after the Symposium, by popular demand. According to Dr. Shango, when you look at the iris, an Iridologist can actually see the invasion of parasites. “We look for tissue changes. We see literal signs, openings, closing and different colors that indicate if there is bacteria in the system.”

Dr. Shango continued to explain that one way of describing the eyes can be broken down into three parts: strong, medium or weak constitution. When looking at persons with strong constitutions, you can’t always tell what’s wrong easily and “the eye doesn’t give information as fast as someone with medium or weak constitution.” Dr. Shango continued that these persons often end up being the ones having seemingly unexpected health failure because no one realizes anything is wrong until it’s severe.

Healer Allan

Healer Allan Haynes “making dem ball” out in pain… then they always smile renewed.

When treating ailments we have to look at the body holistically. The physical body is just the house for the spirit, so when we’re looking at the body holistically, we have to approach it from a spiritual, mental, emotional and then the physical. We have everything within already. Education means to bring everything within out.

Ras NashambaI

Ras Nashamba-I, high-in-demand vegan chef and baker, gives a culinary demonstration.

Amad Martin, a symposium attendee, mentioned that this was the first time he’d had an iridology diagnosis. “His diagnosis was very accurate,” Amad recollected with a smile. His younger brother Lukata also enjoyed his session and they both learned more about why they should stay away from sweets and different forms of flour products. “We have reached a point where we are eating for pleasure which is not our culture,” declared Dr. Shango.

Approximately 10 local and international healers presented their different modalities to the people in the form of lectures, demonstrations and workshops. Food, herbs, herbal products, arts & crafts and more were on sale. Entertainment included drumming, poetry and dancing.

More live tweets from the symposium:

Another successful public event educating and entertaining ourselves at the 3rd…  (click link for pictures from the Symposium)

Brother Malak of pouring for customers at the 3rd Annual Healers Symposium…

Ras Bookie, Virgin Islands Numerologist, enlightening the community audience here at the International…

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