No! Too Much!! | Tribute to Big Brother #LasanaMack

SCREAMING for attention
you walk silently with face still
Emotionless, though we know the pain, joy, pride, power, progressiveness
You felt within
Our reigning King
Who sat in the background so that we might rise…
Up, Up, ye mighty race
…and accomplish it we will

NO! Too Much!!

A Nu line is now added to your song… Ancestors live
Written with your name in it
We sing proudly and loudly that you LIVE ON!
…and on and on until the break of dawn
Still knowing, that we are often nothing but pawns
in this black & white board of strife
Livin in the bellie of the belly
You sacrificed your essence to learn from the methods of madness
and bring us cents out of none sense
a Tru Robin Hood
Cloaked in Blackness
all you’s missing was the skittles n iced tea
but you left us to taste the rainbow
…and find within, that pot of gold

NOooooooo! Tooooo Much!!!!!

Colors so loud…
You were scrEEEEEEEEAMing!
Though you kept yourself invisible
We saw the Red rage
Heard the Black busy-ness
Felt the Green gratitude


Humility uncalled for
You maintained a tiresome balance
For us
You’ve left us the blueprint
To keep playing the BlackNotes
and now it’s time to step it up and APPEAL to the masses
those who ready to get off their asses

Let it begin with me
Surrounded in a sea of white
Keys rising above it all to show us what’s right
2 then 3 then 2 again… Groups of five fisted loosely laying still
We wisely pause to let them think they lay the foundation
all the while, we KNOW TOO MUCH
to stay quiet

You knew who was ready and who you had to let go
You knew it was time, and so you made it so
You knew when to shine and when to lay it low

You still…..
to be laid to rest
jus so

without teaching us something
Showing us, everything…

Maybe, you just
Knew Too Much.?



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