‘Where Mosquito Bite, Leads to Insight’: Fighting Chikungunya Virgin Islands Style


Dr. Odada Shango Iridology Session with Lukata SamuelFinally being officially categorized as an epidemic by the CDC, Virgin Islands community members have been using various local herbs, plants and remedies to weaken the impact and shorten the length of time seriously affected. Taking the bull by the horn, many outside of the territory can learn from wellness store owners, along with local and regional natural healers, who share knowledge and wellness tips to Virgin Islanders.

The V.I. Health Department declared that the territorial outbreak is officially an epidemic… since May!  While the grassroots community had long already declared the situation an epidemic amongst themselves, store owner and customers at the Natural Livity Kulcha Shop and Juice Bar expressed their concern and disdain for how the crisis has been handled by the Virgin Islands Government. Like many other places within the Americas, most people in the Caribbean region are not immune. http://www.cdc.gov/chikungunya/geo/americas.html


Juice Bar owner, Jahleejah Love Peace, exclaimed that when she felt it coming on, she attacked it quick! Her remedy included fresh juice blends and products she sells in her store like Chlorophyll and the Flu Shot, “which is a high dose of Vitamin C by combining fresh orange, lemon, grapefruit, ginger and some cayenne pepper.” Along with those, she says that she gave herself and her children some ACF Fast Relief Immune System High Penya's MoringaPotency supplement. Jahleejah shared that, other products she commonly suggests include, “local moringa, neem bark bitters, lemon grass for the fever and chlorella.” She mentioned that for the pain people should, “get rubbed down with a herbal blend,” which she also carries for the numerous customers that have been coming in in droves.

One in particular, shared what he used to minimize the effects of his extremely uncomfortable experience along with his conclusion. “It’s all about how we take care of our body,” shared Brother Dawuud N. Nyamekye of Caribbean Historical Tours. Not being able to drive his safaris while being ill, he stated his belief that,

“when you don’t watabreak out then you didn’t fully get it and have not built up the full immunity.”

Getting lots of rest and drinking a lot of liquids especially coconut water and seamoss were additional tips that Dawuud used himself. http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/notices/watch/chikungunya-caribbean

Both of his arms were covered in a rash that appeared as ongoing multiples of small reddish bumps, but he still smiled when mentioning that he agrees with the common saying about prevention being better than cure. He admitted that with the amount of mosquitos currently present in the Virgin Islands, strengthening the immune system is the wisest thing to do so that when one does get the virus, it won’t affect them as harshly.

Natural Food Grocery & Deli Chikungunya picOn the other side of town, there’s the Natural Food Grocery and Deli which has been, “helping the Virgin Islands find health since 1975,” as their catch phrase states. They put up a display of preventative and supportive products including mosquito repellents, citronella candles, joint and muscle ache creams and immune system supplements. The display also included printed information about the Chikungunya virus.  Store customers come in daily requesting immune support products and seeking ways to learn more information.

In an interview with visiting Naturopathic healer and Iridologist, Dr. OdaDr. Shango giving a consultationda Shango, he mentioned that mosquitos don’t just bite anywhere. He continued that, “mosquitos are attracted to heat, warmth and tend to infect people in areas of their bodies that are weak so people should pay attention to where they bite.”

‘Where Mosquito Bite Leads to Insight’ ~DaraMonifah

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