@PeaceGreetings “Things I heard myself say… While I was listening”


Take Flight

Through the Darknes and the Light

@PeaceGreetings – “Things I heard myself say… While I was listening” is my predestined company that I’ve been mostly unknowingly working on since birth. As with many other unfinished projects, initiatives and creations that float around inside of me, eventually it will be time to release it. I’ve created poetry, calligraphy, illustrations, digital graphics and many other elements of personalized greeting cards since I realized I could in Elementary school. With the talents I’ve been building, I’m probably already able to open up a business in doing just that, but as with most artists, I prefer to do it only, “when the spirit moves me,” which puts a dent in the immediacy and dependability needed to run a lucrative business. Finding the balance is necessary. Well, maybe someday I’ll create a way to make it all work. In the meantime… catch me when you can.


Thinking ahead…

In case you wondered, I do own the website and twitter handle as well as the email address info@PeaceGreetings.com

Anyone interested in helping me to turn this vision into a reality, feel free to let me know!





All graphics and text are originally by @DaraMonifah© and @PeaceGreetings©


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