Coming To Terms With Mother Love

This is such a welcomed and timely reminder. Sometimes, we need reminders like this to release the entrapment of these invisible emotional chains so that we can fly freely, understanding that we have the key at all times, thus the power to set ourselves, and those we interact with, free. The same can be expressed in an identical way for boys and their fathers. Thank you exponentially Dr. Anita! 🙂

Dr. Anita Davis-DeFoe

    Silence filled the room as I painfully watched my mother take her final breaths. During the seventy-four years that my mother lived, she always gave untiringly to me and to others. I feel blessed to have been so fortunate, for my mother was always my greatest supporter, an endless fountain of encouragement. 

     As the reality of my loss enveloped me on that cool January night, it was a Saturday, the 8th, the year 2005 was still brand new. Up until this point, 2005 seem filled with endless possibilities. That did not possible anymore as indescribable anguish filled my heart as I felt that my emotional wounds would never heal; meanwhile, deep with I knew that my mother would want me, would expect that I would continue to pursue “good works.”

     It has been nine years, and of course I still miss my mother tremendously…

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