Kwanzaa’s in the Air

It’s that time again… Habari GaniVI!


There’s something special on the horizon
about to create colors throughout the skies
It has the power to enlighten darkness
and the strength to brighten even the saddest eyes

Gray clouds make way
for the radiance of it’s might
and the rain settles in the ocean
awaiting the signal for a timing just right

Ancestors will be awakened
and elders will be comforted to know
Even in the midst of chaos
There’s still a certain glow

In the hearts, minds and hands
of those who hold the torches of culture, pride and unity
There’s a spirit in the air
and I can see it in you and me

It looks like determination, purpose and faith
Sounds like we’re ready to cooperate
Tastes like a rich cultural delicacy
and smells like a fragrance only Nature could create

Warm embraces and smiling faces
Healing harambees held hand in hand
Kwanzaa is in…

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