Since You Asked: 13 Things Most Prolly Don’t Know About Me….

13 Things Most Prolly Don’t Know About Me…. Since you asked

I’m simpler to understand than it appears… Probably one of the easiest people to understand that you’ll ever meet. I’m usually often misunderstood, misinterpreted, misperceived, misjudged, … And I expect it to continue, until people truly understand themselves first

I’d prolly give the Devil a 3rd chance, knowing very well who he/she is because I strongly believe that deep down, every being behaves from a place of their own pain and experiences and there’s something, someone that can touch anyone to change for the better

I’ve lived in Domestic Violence shelters, in cars, in the homes of friends and somehow not been in my own body for decades, which I think I somehow partially separated from as a child… It is why I don’t dance. I can’t feel my feet.

I started researching natural skin and body products during my first year of college, which was equally my last year of high school since I skipped 12th grade and never bought or used products with Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, CFCs, food colorings, High Fructose Corn Syrup, white flour, Ethanolamine lauryl sulfates, elastin, parables, talc, propylene glycol, synthetic fragrances, aspartame, dioxane or formaldehyde…. U til now when I can’t afford to anymore so I just use whatever… Worse I’ve felt my whole life, but I’m numb to it, so I just focus on trying to enjoy every moment/day/week anyway…. Never know right, might be the healthiest person in the world and get run down by a car & killed walking out of the hellth food store. :/ I’m learning to breath properly again… When I do remember to breathe. Seconds count; appreciate breathing each breath… Without air in your lungs, nothing else much matters anyway.

Listening to Lauren Hill’s unplugged album probably saved my life.

I probably, love, appreciate, respect and wish the best for my ex husband now even more than before, though he may never know how to believe, appreciate or even care. I teach my children by example how to love those that hate us. Fight fire with water, not heat. Fight anger with humor. In some cases, don’t fight at all… Just let it be

I rather speak from the top of my head than perform. I hate performing unless what I’m sharing is exactly what I’m feeling at the time, so I will refuse performances left and right until it feels right… And I’m ok with everyone else not being happy with that. 🙂

I’ve started many books, many albums, many paintings, many illustrations, many videos, many poems… And no one will ever know what happened to them, including me… Because I let them go so easily. By the time I die, you all will get something… Maybe.

I used to draw, used to sing, used to dance, used to sew, used to play the piano, used to play the trumpet, have been teaching myself guitar, taught myself calligraphy because I used to fail handwriting repeatedly, have written plays, composed music, designed houses using AutoCad, lost thousands of original photos, used to model Victoria Secret, have cut all of my hair off to a fade and would do it again if the right emotion presents itself… And used to care that other people might be thinking I’m weird… Duh, lol

I will NEVER run for a political position. I need my own rules so that I can help every and anyone I choose whenever the moment presents itself, not just who fits the bill when I’m allowed.

I often give my last dollar, when I’m hungry… And it feeds me every time.

Once I’ve loved you, it never ends. Period.

I’d love to return as the wind, so that I could blow silent breezes of beauty and flirt with loud waves of wisdom on my way around the world. Backwards.

One of these fourteen things I shared isn’t really true. 😉 Thanks Wendy & Anita


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