Nature’s Pending Lesson

The heavens are crying
So they can wash away all the blood
Spilled on our slippery streets of despair

The oceans are churning
Preparing to merge together with wise winds
In hopes of purging us so that we may be cleared

Cleared of all toxins
Like hatred and anger

Cleared of all fears
Like imminent hunger and poverty

Clearing us out so that we may make room
For progress

The heavens are crying!
The oceans are churning!!
The thunder is rolling!!!

Shall we wait for the earth to quake
And shake us out of our slumber
Or are we ready to do our part?

Mother Nature always has the last word
And Father time stands right beside her
Ready, willing and able to end it all
When she says so

Tired of seeing her crying
He awaits the signal
To set us straight



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