Selfishness vs. Selflessness: A Healing Art

Love Letter: Selfishness

Why is it seemingly so challenging at times to focus on self? Isn’t that all we are doing anyway?

Everything is selfish; Maybe not in a healthy way, but in reality, even continuous consistent acts of selflessness i.e. “charity or community service” fills an individual need for our person… or we wouldn’t do it, period. (may starve one need to feed another)

When we recognize this, we can easier learn to balance how/what we choose to use our energy for… Whether healing and strengthening ourselves directly or indirectly through redirecting our love to others.

With Love, Light and Laughter,

The Lesson: Selfishness
Think of times before when you’ve felt loved, appreciated, cared about, acknowledged…

What helped you to feel that? Was another person’s comment or response? A sudden epiphany based on a memory, song or something you overheard? Maybe something you realized in nature?

Sometimes we get new feelings and lessons from rereading our own journals or taking another look at our own artwork, whether it be written or painted; crocheted or baked; worn or listened to.

The lessons are always there for us, patiently waiting until we are ready to notice them. We might not learn them the first time they appear, maybe not even the second or third time we notice and acknowledge them, but when it is time for the lesson, the student will always reveal themselves and is always the one really teaching themselves.

As with the horse and water, we know we can’t shove awareness down anyone’s throat, much less in their mind or spirit. All we can, and maybe all we should do is to live by example and share our own struggles, triumphs, lessons and thoughts publicly so that others can learn from the process. Not necessarily with the intention to teach them any specific lesson, but just a way of experiencing the process, so that they may create and live their own process.

We can though help others feel loved, appreciated, cared about or acknowledged by learning and doing the behaviours that work for THEM. There are already many tools that exist to help us figure out our own individual “love languages,” as Gary Chapman uses in the method(s) provided (5 Love Languages for children, relationships, churches, etc.). Whichever method works for us and others… as long as the destination is met; let the journey be one’s own. In other words, though our road may lead to the desired place, others may not learn everything they need to learn for themselves along the way only meant for us.

When we can consistently meet our own needs as well as help others meet theirs, we will all be more open, honest, trusting and fulfilled beings. There is a formula for each of us, and none of them are exactly alike, just as none of the SOULutions are exactly written, though there are always good examples. These examples are always present… in ourselves, those close to us and even in those we may not resonate with, so remain open, be attentive, listen INtuitively and learn at will. These examples are found at all times, in all occasions, with or without others present.

Studying nature has been found to be one of the greatest teachers, period. In any situation. The patterns and cycles of life found in everyday surroundings are there for us to learn from as well as enjoy and take care of, as they take care of us in return. In everything there is balance. Every teacher is a student and every student a teacher all at the same time. It is only for us to accept, honor and submit to the will of our own selfishness to that even in our humanitarian acts of selflessness, we keep present in the knowing that it is All(ways) about the I and I is all(ways) about the All.


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