Interrupted Violenes (Violins)

A graceful song sways by
with the wind at her tail
Timid thoughtfulness masked by
effortless radiance as the words flow like cane juice caressed by molasses

Violenes sung in the ears of so many
Trans-like tunes of a heartfelt temperament
A knowing smile, occasionally interrupted
By a slightly wrinkled brow

Not long before the resounding of her intent
Paints the walls of yellow possibilities
Brightening days with her warm sunshine smiles
And nights with her sweet yet sultry evening eyes

To miss her truly is a comforting fairy tale never read out loud
Forgotten thoughts of times never had
Dances never requested
And arms not embraced

Interrupted Violenes keep restarting their sound journey in my mind
My heart remembers words and feelings shared in silence
As the all knowing, yet seldom spoken disappointments stain my soul
Reminding me to make my true intention known…


For tomorrows are plans, goals, intentions, dreams and desires for after right now… just as yesterdays are/were those things that we’ve already accomplished, or not (yet). All still perpetual motion; the continuation of our doing. period.

© DaraMonifah

Thank you Junie, for the lessons. I now understand and innerstand your purpose in my life. I know you are at peace. I know you were tired. All will be taken cared of. It already is. Ase’ Rest well, until again.


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