The Constant Scissors that Cuts the Night

6 more bullets
in our atmosphere
at the strike of 5 a.m.
wondering did anyone else hear

Each one, like a lash through the night
on the backs of slaves
might one, two or three
lead another to their graves

for every bullet counted
like an automatic mechanism
of an old warehouse that is haunted

genocidal realities
like a slap in your face
waking us up every morning
as if we need to be reminded in this place

that this paradise of ours
is nothing more than their playground
it is the land that was/is bought, sold and cherished
as we sing, swing, climb, fly, fall, run and play around

may the wisdom of the ages capture us
and might acid rains wash away our lack of insight
as we open up our eyes
to the constant scissors that cuts the night

© DaraMonifah…

Just sick and tired of hearing gunshots this early in the morning. WAKE UP my PEOPLE! WAKE UP!!!
(I didn’t even reread this one so please excuse any typos until I come back to it)
shall another 9 Let's give them something so they don't have to look for anything!

be constructed?


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