Releasing pain constructively continued…

Dried bones worn as jewelry
Back bones used as decoration
Who or what did these once clothe?
Does it even matter or do we just use them as we see fit
As long as it pleases us
Do we even ask permission to selfishly distance them
Or do we appreciate…

Their journeys
And give thanks for their sacrifices
Before we bore yet another hole in

To dangle from our person
As if we have conquered them all on our own.

And so now they are trophies to be worn by Kings and Queens
Who Labor not.

I too sing America… I am the darker sister
They send me to eat in the kitchen, when company comes
But I laugh, and eat well and grow strong

They’ll get it

Or they won’t
And I will keep on keepin’ on
With my external smile
And my internal tears
Will flow no more
For shame of their perceptions of my abused beauty

I appreciate the stones, the shells, the broken smoothed glass
For I know not their Journeys

And should I choose to request their presence on my person?
I will do so wearing the pride of their accomplishments

And the awareness of their struggles
So that I will not be adding to their demise
But strengthening their story
With my own

As they in turn
Strengthen mine
With theirs



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