Can I use you?

I introduced myself with my eyes…and he put his things down to listen. The
seriousness of my brow alerting him that he’d better sit down for this one.

I know I’m out of his league, but yet still… my determination to get what
I want always seems to ignore those specs… before I change them.

I ask him his name, and for a minute he doesn’t know how to reply. Then as if
someone reminded him, he spits out a melody sung out to him by his mother as she
nursed him during infancy. Sweet melody that I repeated to myself eyes closed and then
out loud for him to hear roll off of my lips. He behaved as if it frightened
him, how I commanded the letters to sing out his name for my own
entertainment, but I reassured him in an immediate smile afterward, that I
was just enjoying the beauty of his mantra.

I thought to myself as I looked him up and down…
and inside out…
what am I doing?
But I
couldn’t stop myself.

You see I have this weakness…
and I know it, but
it’s addictive.

Some call it being a spiritual succubus…
I just call it,
enjoying the finer things in life…



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