PEACEGreetings…mySelf defined.

mySelf defined.

sit on the sidelines
watch the players, the umpires and the audiences
and I just sit
knowing it isn’t my place to speak
until moved to do so
and I sit
until the spirit moves me to say
to all who make contact with my mind’s eye
isn’t there enough judgement being passed today?
encouragement often comes without spoken words
and sometimes the most powerful phrase
is the shortest

learn how to learn
and learn how to live
moment to moment
and with each new relationship
made or lost
I learn
to accept
it as a blessing

privileged to be on the fence in between
on the side of no one, but everyone
I remain
of balanced perspective
left brained and right
simultaneously allowing insights and perspectives
to be malleable without force
gentle winds blow mood tides to change direction
so closed into this
yet so open… too open?
some say
but time and experience will tell
pains are necessary for growth sometimes
redefined, they don’t have to hurt to be felt

how will you define me
whichever way is necessary for your journey
I am hapi to be of assistance
as a vessel
for all
humbly I wait your request
ask of me
and I shall provide
feed me
and I will be replenished
to continue
feeding others
along with myself



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